Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dulce de Leche Crepe Cake

This was supposed to be my 400th post.  It seemed like just the right kind of show-stopper for the big 4-0-0.  Unfortunately, it was fairly unattractive and not the most delicious cake I've ever made either.  So I shall walk you through this crepe cake since it was a fair amount of work, but I would not entirely recommend that you make one yourself.

The recipe was from Food Network Magazine and can be seen here.  Once again I will state that I do not recommend that you make this recipe and with only 3 stars, neither does the Food Network community.

Here are the chocolate crepes eagerly waiting to be slathered with dulce de leche frosting.

I assembled this cake shortly before we ate it, but apparently it was too long for the cake to sit.  The frosting separated and started oozing into a puddle on the plate.  You can see by this photo that it was not a pretty cake.  It was so unappetizing looking that I refused to let anyone view it.  I cut the slices in the kitchen and  brought them out to the eaters in the other room.

Above you can see a slice of the cake with all the crepe layers.  The frosting is entirely too sweet and the cake is very difficult to cut.

What sounded like a fantastic recipe was a real let down.  Sorry guys.  Wish me luck coming up with a successful 400th post!

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