Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Breakfast

Since I abandoned my poor family, leaving them hungry and without treats for 5 days, I took charge of Easter breakfast. And when a woman named Bubbles offers you up a recipe, you take it. This recipe happened to be for an apple cinnamon oatmeal casserole.

I made some changes to the recipe: milk for the half-and-half, no apricots, walnuts instead of pecans, blu-sins (blueberry raisins, its going to catch on I know it) instead of dried cherries. Oh and I threw in some cinnamon dolce syrup for good measure. Really you can use any thing you like to put in your oatmeal.

My bowl. Yes, I had 2 helpings. Ok maybe 3.

The Most Delcious Vegetable Based Cake

Well actually now that I made that amazing zucchini cake last month, I'm not really sure if carrot cake is the most delicious of the vegetable based cakes. But if you make it into a whoopie pie then perhaps it's out of the "cake" competition. Regardless, I made these delightful carrot cake whoopie pies for Easter. The filling is a cream cheese frosting with vanilla bean and cinnamon dolce syrup (a spectacular birthday present that I was psyched to bake with).

mmmMMmmm carrot cake cookie dough....

what else can I make with this!?

Completed pies.

The carrot cake cookie recipe was from epicurious and the icing was ad-libbed.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I did not make either of these things, but they were too fun not to share. Since my house has been cooking up a storm for Easter and I just returned from the Dominican Republic, I did not cook myself an extravagant birthday dinner. Instead we ordered pizza, over the internet. The fun little bonus of ordering pizza over the internet is that you get to add special instructions which I toooootally took advantage of. I asked them to make the number 27 with tomatoes and they did it! It was all very exciting.

My mom baked my cake, and my sister was in charge of decorating it. You can see in last years post that I always have a strawberry shortcake for my birthday. Check out this year's cake!

A dachshund!! A dachshund out of strawberries! I couldn't have been more delighted.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Couldn't Help It!

I had to bake something! Or rather, "no-bake" something. I stumbled upon this gem of a recipe that claimed to produce cookies in 3 minutes, how could I say no? Well as you can see I couldn't. I topped some with raisins, blueberry raisins, and coconut because that's just how I do.

Hooray for cookies in less than 10 minutes!

Orzo Salad

You are probably thinking, you make us wait 2 weeks for a new post and all we get is #@!*% pasta salad? And it's true there is nothing incredibly interesting about this pasta salad, but I just want to go off on a rant about how much if #@!*% love pasta salad. Now let me clarify first that I am NOT talking about macaroni salad which should NEVER be mistaken for a pasta salad. Macaroni salad lives a vile existence clumped together covered in mayonnaise. I could eat entire bowls of pasta salad. I could come up with endless possibilities of vegetables and seasonings to mix into a pasta salad. This one has orzo, marinated artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, olives, bruschetta and garlic flavored olive oil, and some lemon juice to "brighten it up."

I hope the rant was worth the wait. And there was some good lighting in my kitchen for once so that's a plus too.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Don't Know What To Call It

Rachel Ray Called it a carbonara deep dish pasta crusted pan pizza, but I altered the recipe a bit so it was no longer carbonara and it is just not a pizza.

I took out the pancetta to make it vegetarian and added artichoke hearts so it had some nutritional value. I also didn't put as much cheese as she requested which was a smart choice because this is a very heavy dinner.

I would definitely make it again and play around with the ingredients some more; perhaps a sun dried tomato? or some spinach fettuccine? Who knows where the wind might take me!