Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, and More!

I have been a very busy bee lately so I'll just share some bits of things that have been cooked up in the past few weeks.

First off I completely failed to share this lovely little fry fest I had a few weeks ago. We attempted waffle fries, but something just wasn't working right.

This year's Cinco de Mayo dinner included a pitcher of sangria and we brought out the quesadilla maker and whipped up some guacamole. I will add I cannot take full responsability for this meal I mostly ate it and barked orders.

I got some awesome ice-pop molds for my birthday and made some pineapple creamsicles. I just wish I had made these when it was actually warm out.

And last, but not least... Mother's Day dinner. We roasted up some chicken and various vegetables and made some cheesy pasta with spinach and artichokes. (sorry I failed to take pictures before we all started to dig in)

For dessert we made a red velvet cake with some balsamic strawberries and whipped cream.

And that's that!

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