Saturday, February 23, 2013

White Trash Bars


Yep, these are called white trash bars.  The name of these bars is just as eye catching as slutty brownies and to be honest with you, that's exactly what drew me to them.  Another thing that drew me to them? They are ridiculously simple.


Take this odd set of ingredients seen above and mix it all together and bake for 15 minutes! Amazing! That means dessert is ready in less than a half and hour (these are a breeze to prepare).


Cookies and Cups suggests frosting these bad boys, but we felt that was totally unnecessary.  These bars are super sweet and leave no need for frosting.


If you make these, I suggest that you don't mix them in the pan like she says to do.  I followed that direction and mine stuck to the pan quite a bit,  I think if I had mixed it in a bowl first this might not have happened.  Also her's are wayyyyy more attractive than mine, but I'm hoping mine are just as delicious.


Yeaaaa these are just about gone already.....mmMmmmmMmm

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