Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything I Ate in Long Beach Island

I just came back from a fantastic vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ and am excited to share with you where and what I ate while I was there.

First up, the "goshdarnwich" from the Chicken or the Egg.  We were so satisfied with our breakfasts here we came back a few days later to have dinner.

A fried egg, cheese, and bacon sandwiched between two massive pieces of french toast with maple syrup for dunking and home fries. This was exactly what I needed to start my vacation off right.

For our dinner the first night we went to Buckalews. They had a vegetarian and gluten free menu which was quite nice.

Yards Brawler battered flounder and chips with spicy chipotle dipping sauce.

Breakfasts and lunches were eaten on our fabulous terrace over looking the ocean in our hotel room.

MmmmMmm Crunchy Nut O's

Next, dinner at the Terrace Tavern.  We took a 2 mile stroll to get to this place and it was definitely worth it (minus the possible food poisoning that one vacation member may have gotten).

Terrace patty melt: burger with Swiss cheese and grilled onions on Texas toast with mac and cheese.

We made a pit stop on the 2 mile walk back to eat like monsters at Dairy King. My sundae was served in a boat! A boat!

Jimmy Carter Blast: 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, peanut butter cups, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.  That Jimmy Carter just became my favorite president.

Now my friends I take you to our Long Beach Island staple, Barry's Do Me Flavor.  No trip to LBI is complete without at least one meal eaten here.

Fish tacos: battered cod, cabbage, pico de gallo, and a squirt of lime.

I could have eaten 3 more of these easily.

We went back to Barry's for ice cream.  Sadly, I lost pretty badly in mini-golf so I had to pay.  

Cappuccino crunch in a sugar cone

And now we find ourselves back at the Chicken or the Egg for another glorious feast.  They have an extensive hot sauce menu (15 flavors) and Man V. Food was actually here to eat 12 of their "ludacris" wings. 

Alotta shrimp (12) with french fries, cole slaw, cocktail sauce, and a squirt of lemon

For our final meal we ate at our hotel's outdoor bar.  They had live music every day from 3-7pm so we were able to take in some tunes and some remaining sunshine at our last meal.

Roasted turkey, avocado, bacon, Swiss cheese, and ranch dressing

I had an excellent time eating and laying on the beach.  If you ever take a trip to Long Beach Island I will tell you 2 things. 1. Stay that the Engleside Inn 2. Eat at Barry's and the Chicken or the Egg.

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