Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Homemade Chipwiches"

I could go on a 20 minute rant about how much I hate the A&P , more specifically the piece of shit A&P in Harrison (they don't sell Chips, Ahoy cookies!!??), and about how I need cashier Mike to take care of me not that douche Dominic with all that bling in his ears who doesn't know what artichokes are!!, and about how godforsaken hot it was on Tuesday (it had to have been at least 700 degrees out), but I shall refrain from those details and focus on the positive.

I encountered this "recipe" upon my endless nights of surfing food websites and since it was going to be a scorcher and we are a house without air conditioning I thought it was the perfect birthday treat to whip up for my brother.

This recipe was pretty close to being a failure, (don't try to work with ice cream when its 100 degrees out and you don't have air conditioning) but in the end it got some good reviews.  "That is serious" and after eating 2 of them: "I need to leave the house before I eat anymore."

I used Ben and Jerrys Everything but the... ice cream to fill them.  I would suggest if you decide to make your own chipwiches that you go with a flavor that doesn't have massive chunks of things in it, it just makes them harder to eat and put together. Then I dipped them in chocolate and chopped peanuts.

I really want to make these again with those massive Archway cookies (dutch cocoa of course) and a smoother ice cream flavor, so look out!


  1. when i went to eat my first, i said to myself 'i don't think that the chocolate and peanuts are REALLY necessary..." However, it barely took 1 bite to realize: Yes, they are VERY necessary.

  2. i am going to need to make these again. soon. like now.