Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lightlife Product Review

Lucky me, I was chosen to review Lightlife veggie dogs by the gang at Mom's Meet!  Lightlife makes  a delicious line of plant protein foods like hot dogs, veggie burgers, sausages, and bacon.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I often make the choice to go meatless several times a week so I was very excited to try some new vegetarian food products.  I have several friends and family members that are vegetarian and they were psyched to get a chance to taste something new.

I tried the smart dogs with some quick pickled cucumber and carrot.  They were great on the grill!

I also tasted the bacon with my egg for breakfast this morning. It was definitely a "less mess" option to frying actual bacon!

I also took this opportunity to try their veggie burger with quinoa.  I topped my burger with tomato jack cheese and broccoli pesto.  Yum!

In the past I have had mostly frozen vegetarian options. Lightlife sells it's product in the produce section of the supermarket.  This made me feel like I was going with a fresher option, which is always more appealing.  My friends and family were excited to be armed with coupons so they can go test out more of what Lightlife has to offer!

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