Monday, April 12, 2010

Everything I Ate in Disney World

This trip was easily the greatest thing I did in the past year and the food wasn't too bad either. I will now bore you with a complete chronicling of each and every meal I had on this amazing adventure, so shut up and enjoy it, feel free to be jealous as well.

Who could forget our lunch where we got shat on?

Morocco wins best lunch.

Best Mickey shaped item.

Best dessert was this brownie sundae, most beautiful appetizer goes to shrimp lollipops.

This was probably the prettiest meal we had, China in EPCOT.

Let the cruise feast begin!

24 hour room service = amazing.

I tried escargot and it really wasn't bad.

Lobster mac n' cheese!

First ever souffle

Beach-side buffet

The final meal

So sad to see it all go, thanks for reminiscing with me.


  1. it's like you knew i meant to send you this article last week but forgot to...

  2. it's amazing, i was glad to see i wasn't the only one doing it on the cruise