Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lower East Side Food Tour

Saturday, 11:30am, Chris and I embarked on a fantastical journey around the lower east side of Manhattan eating our hearts out.

The first stop: Sunrise Mart for some onigiri, a Japanese sandwich of seaweed, rice, and in our case plum and shrimp tempura.  We also had some Pocky for dessert.

I could have spent the entire day at this store, but alas the tour must continue!

We strolled on over to McSorely's Old Ale House for a quick history lesson and to chug 2 mugs of beer, each.

And what could we ask to follow our beers? Pommes Frites!! They gave us a selection of their 26 sauces to try.

They were all pretty fantastic, but the Vietnamese pineapple mayo was our favorite.

Then just a few doors down we had some spectacular, and massive, falafel sandwich at Cheep's.

And now to the bizarre eats portion of the food tour.  We went to Otafuku, this itty bitty hole in the wall Japanese restaurant. We had takoyaki, a pancake ball filled with octopus and topped with shavings of dried fish.

I can't say I would ever eat this again, but I can't say that I didn't enjoy it.

Now it is time for the dessert portion of the tour.  First up, Chikalicious Dessert Club for a chocolate cookie eclair filled with chocolate mousse.

The final stop on our tour was Veniero's Pasticceria, the oldest Italian bakery.  We each had a cannoli and an alcoholic coffee drink, sadly I cannot remember what we ordered.

This place had a bakery counter that seemed to go on forever and I imagine every single creation of theirs is amazing.

I had an incredible time on my food tour.  There were some great little snippets of history about the restaurants and the buildings and the neighborhoods in addition to the massive amounts of food.

Thanks again for an awesome birthday present Chris : )

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