Thursday, December 8, 2011

Potato Spinach Tomato Soup

I apologize for being gone for so long. I have had a pretty rough week or so. Shit on top of shit on top of shit. But let's hope I have my load of shit for the time being and focus on the positive! Soup!

This spinach, potato, and tomato soup is a 30 Minute Meal recipe.  I will say that this took a bit more than 30 minutes, but I'll cut Rachel a break and say it's not completely unreasonable to claim this is a 30 minute meal.

The changes I made were minor: vegetable stock instead of chicken, no nutmeg (this chick is crazy about nutmeg, but I never have any in the stock room), added parsley for kicks, and threw all the veggies in at the same time to let them all meld.

Bubbling away! 

Top it all off with some Parmesan cheese (I wonder how often my posts end with that sentence...)

This was a seriously easy and seriously delicious soup. Make it now cause it's freeeezing!


  1. so u chose parmesan and not asiago?! lol

  2. HAHAHA! well you know how rare that asiago is!