Monday, May 5, 2014

Chipotle Chicken Burritos

Happy Cinco de Mayo amigos!  For this year's fiesta I tested out a new product.  Old el Paso is now making cooking sauces for all your taco filling needs.  They have 3 kinds: chipotle, roasted tomato, and chile roasted garlic.

We chose the chipotle flavor which had a slew of odd ingredients. What odd ingredients, you might be asking, well here are a few: sour cream, 2 kinds of bacon fat, and of course almond butter.

Regardless of its strange mix of ingredients, I was very satisfied with the flavor of the sauce.  It was only slightly spicy which I definitely appreciated.

I purchased some shredded chicken breast at Stop and Shop to cook in the sauce.  This shredded chicken is a new product for me, it was on sale so we gave it a whirl.  Have you guys ever seen it?  I highly recommend it for a recipe like this where you are going to shred up the chicken anyway. This way the shredding is done for you and it cooks up quickly.

I hope you all had a tasty cinco celebration!

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