Thursday, August 21, 2014

Burrito Casserole

I've been enjoying meal planning.  I like writing up a chalkboard menu every week.  I'm a big fan of organization and lists.  I have been cooking pretty much every night of the week for the past few months we've been in our new home.

One of the problems with wanting to cook something different every night is that the leftovers seem to pile up faster than we can eat them.  This right here is a lesson in leftover re-purposing. 

Tuesday on the chalkboard menu is taco night.  Taco Tuesday came around this week, but *gasp* last week's taco Tuesday leftovers were still in the fridge! 

Solution? Burrito casserole!  I'm not going to write out a recipe here because I think that defeats the purpose of this post.  

I cooked up some nontraditional taco vegetables: carrots, celery, onions, to add to the leftovers. All the vegetables got seasoned with cumin, garlic, salt and pepper.  I mixed in the leftover rice at the end, after re-heating it in the microwave first.

I was able to make 4 layers with my leftovers: tortilla, filling, tortilla, filling topped cheese.

Behold the cheesy melty goodness!

Top it all with a nice dollop of fresh guacamole and voila, leftovers look brand new and tasty too!

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