Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spiral Action

Hey guys, I'm not sure how active you all are in the blog-o-sphere and Pinterest world, but the spiralizer is the next big thing.  Bloggers everywhere are pretending they will eat bowls of zucchini in tomato sauce instead of pasta.  C'mon, let's be real, that ain't happenin' here.

Buuuut I was really excited to use my spiralizer to make my dinners this week look pretty.

I used it to on a cucumber to make a Greek salad meal, see above.  Note about using a cucumber: use the hot house or English cucumber because they have less seeds and moisture.  I learned my lesson this time around.

I also spiraled a zucchini and added it to a pot of spaghetti and tomato sauce. Awesome!

Now my eyes are darting all around the house, what else can I shove in there!? Can you spiral a brownie!?

Obviously not, but I am excited to try a potato in here.  Perhaps a sweet potato to make some sweet potato curly fries?

Yea, you're excited now and so am I!

Anyone have any other spiralizer ideas?

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