Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chef Help on Demand

Hey guys! In case you haven't noticed there's a new button on my blog page.  It's a new service called TalkToChef.

It's your life-line for when you get stuck on a recipe.

Click it and you will be connected to a professional chef who will work with you to on your culinary dilemma.

You will be paired up with a chef based on the cuisine, diet, and method of cooking.

TalkToChef uses the latest in two-way streaming video streaming technology to provide you with instant culinary support,

TalkToChef not only solves your kitchen woes on demand, they can also help you decide what to make for dinner and how to make a recipe healthier.

Come see what they're all about here.

Like the TalkToChef Facebook page and meet some of the chefs that are on call to help you.

Or just dive right in and click on that little red rectangle on the side of my page!

*This post is sponsored by TalkToChef (ACK! My First EVER sponsored post!)

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