Wednesday, March 31, 2010

St. Patty's Day Party Redux

I somehow missed the boat on the Guiness milkshakes on the evening of our St. Patrick's Day bash so I had my brother whip up another batch. It was a bizarre concoction of peanut butter icecream, Guiness, and mint chocolate Bailey's, but somehow it all worked and was a pleasing beverage to go along with Discovery Channel's Life which I am now realizing I missed out on this past Sunday. Dammit!

I also made some more cole slaw and stuck in on top of a crab cake. It was quite a wonderful combination so I wanted to show it off:

Annnnnnnd last, but definitely not least I whipped up another batch of brownie roll out cookies with Bailey's cream frosting. Since time was on my side this night, I had some fun with decorating.

Here they are pre-frosting and sprinkles:

And here are some post frosting and sprinkles:

There's still more from last weekend, come back soon!

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