Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gooey Cookies and Cake Bars

I probably need to stop baking with Oreos, but Picky Palate keeps coming up with delicious looking recipes with Oreos as the star ingredient!  Perhaps she is looking for some sort of Oreo sponsorship, who knows and really who cares?

The original recipe called for double stuffed Oreos, devil's food cake, and chocolate chips.  I wasn't planning on veering too far away from this recipe, but the supermarket had something else in store for me.  After a great many trips to the store to buy Oreos, they finally had the peanut butter kind AND they were on sale. I was elated; I had to get them.  Then on my way to pick up a bag of chocolate chips I discovered a magical new product a bag of peanut butter AND chocolate chips; I had to get these too.

Back at home a great debate began over what cake mix to use.  Devil's food? Red velvet? Strawberry? After a phone call and an in-person interview I went with the strawberry.  I wanted a sort of chocolate covered pb&j feel to these bars.

My little odd selection of flavors.

Fresh outta the oven.

I had to blow that picture up nice and big for you kids.

In the end I cannot say I am in love with these bars.  Don't get me wrong they are damn tasty, but may I say something quite bold?  I think they might be better without the Oreos. Eeeeks! Don't tell Jenny!

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