Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Lil' Down Home BBQ

I brought out my inner Paula Deen for this dinner.  Well actually there was no butter in this menu, but you get where I was going with that sentence.  This dinner consisted of pulled pork, green beans, and corn bread.

I used a Jiffy corn bread mix and added corn and cheddar cheese.

I sauteed the green beans and kale in olive oil with garlic and onions and finished them off with a squeeze of lemon, red pepper flakes, and a healthy dose of Parmesan cheese.  This recipe was inspired by a Giada recipe that I didn't have all the ingredients for.

I use a half a pork loin because I'm not one for giant cuts of meat and we have a teeny slow cooker. The pulled pork was cooked in a slow cooker for 8 hours with a can of Pepsi and some bbq sauce.  That's it!

(Yes I am still working on some slider rolls from the hamburger party)

I am going to wait the socially appropriate amount of time before I cook up the other half of that pork loin, but it is going to take every ounce of my being.

I think of this video every time I have cornbread, gets me every time.



Love it.

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