Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dessert Dip

I'm always wishing I made more snacky items, things that aren't as high-maintenance as a from scratch dessert. I decided to make this cookie dough dip for an Oscar viewing snack.  I will start out by saying do not be fooled by the name, this tastes absolutely nothing like cookie dough, but that does not in anyway mean it was not delicious.

Here's an action shot of me adding the butter and brown sugar to the cream cheese and powdered sugar.  I didn't put nearly as much butter as it called for, it just didn't seem necessary.

I tried to get all fancy and add a caramel swirl on the sides of the bowl, sadly it didn't come out as fancy as I imagined.

I in addition to the chocolate chips, I mixed in some pecans and drizzled more caramel over the top.

The dip was served with some chocolate graham crackers, strawberries, apples, and the surprise hit of the evening, pretzels (not photographed).

This seems like the perfect dessert for a really hot summer day when you do not want to turn the oven on. Go ahead and make this, it's too easy not to!

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