Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring

I had been promising my family that I would make Sunday morning breakfast for about a month and I finally got off my lazy ass to do it.

You can find the recipe here and you can feel free to ignore the measurements and just eyeball everything because you are too lazy to wash measuring utensils on a Sunday morning.

First you put in some butter, syrup and brown sugar in the bottom.  I made sure to spray my pan heavily since I'm still recovering from my monkeybread failure from 2010. 

Then you pop in a tube of biscuits. 

And pour the rest of your butter and syrup mixture along with some more brown sugar and pecans on top.

Ta-Da! Way more attractive than that hideous beast monkey bread I made.


  1. omg looks sooooooo goood. UGH you need to move close, so I can have an excuse to "drop by" and "steal your breakfast"

  2. i would love for you to be able to drop by and steal by breakfast :)