Monday, June 25, 2012

Alton Brown's Mac and Cheese

I know you're all thinking could KTC possibly ever execute an Alton Brown recipe? she's so lazy! she wants everything to have a shortcut! she hates measuring things! she hates dirtying excess dishware!  But my friends I managed to find the simplest Alton Brown recipe ever created: stove top mac-n-cheese.

The ingredient line up.  Eggs were also involved.

I added some broccoli florets to make it a well rounded meal.  Sometimes I like to consider my health.  I'll refrain from informing you about the embarrassing freakout I had about not being able to fit everything in the pot.

Let me just tell you it's 10pm.  My flight home was delayed almost 8 hours.  I am crazy tired.  But I would kill to have some of this mac and cheese right now.  It was a great success, unlike my journey home from Florida.

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