Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm going to do a lot of bragging so just be prepared.  This dinner was amazing.  It was so amazing that I have not stopped thinking about since it happened.

We used two recipes from the Williams Sonoma cookbooks we got for Christmas: tiny roquefort popovers and a balsamic reduction with shallots and prosciutto that we put on some chicken.  I am sorry to say I cannot find the recipe online. This recipe is similar, just put the prosciutto in with the shallots and forget about all the lamb directions.

Here are the shallots and prosciutto browning for the balsamic sauce.

And now you can catch a glimpse of the murky balsamic reduction.  Never before has something so unattractive tasted so good. You're going to have to trust me on this one.

The popover batter frightened us because it was incredibly lumpy and made much more than the recipe claimed.

But have no fear they came out amazing!!!

Just look at this damn thing of beauty!

We sauteed the chicken in some oil on the stove and poured the sauce on when it was done cooking.

Here we have my well-balanced plate.

I'll let you kids in on a little secret, I ate about 10 of those popovers throughout the course of the evening.  I cannot impress upon you enough that this meal was spectacular and you need to make it.  Seriously, go dazzle someone with this meal, they will be quite grateful.

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