Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Let us first explore the dessert portion of tonight's meal.  I used this Betty Crocker recipe for triple chocolate stout whoopie pies.  The only thing I changed was not using two sticks of butter for the filling.  It just seemed like such unnecessary excess.

Here is a good portion of the ingredients:

The cooling cookies which were so lovely and puffed up when in oven, fell so unattractively once removed from the oven.

The pies all filled up:

For dinner I used a  Rachel Ray recipe for spinach pasta with asparagus pesto.  I used basil and parsley fresh from the garden.

Add in some olive oil, cheese, salt and pepper, and crush it to oblivion in a food processor.  Much to my surprise the asparagus does not get cooked prior to adding it to the pesto.

I only used half of the asparagus in the pesto.  The rest I chopped, roasted, and mixed into the finished pasta.

I found some roasted garlic ciabatta bread and good god that made some seriously delicious garlic bread.  Head to your local Stop and Shop and see if you can find this bread.

Happy Father's Day!