Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creamy Chicken Tacos


This is a glorious Crock Pot recipe, it made me love my Crock Pot even more than I already did.  I also really liked the fact that I "pinned" this recipe and then made it mere days later.  I try my best to actually make the things I pin and not pin all willy-nilly with stuff I know I'll never actually make.

So now that I've pat myself on the back enough, on to the food!


I made some slight tweeks to the recipe (found here) in terms of how much I made and how long I cooked it (because I didn't use frozen chicken), but I pretty much followed this one to the T.


I ate it atop a soft taco shell.  One eater complained that it was too sloppy and required a hard shell, you be the judge of that one.  I also ate some the next day with some chips and it was just as wonderful.  If you own a Crock Pot I highly suggest you make this for dinner.  In case you needed another plus, it'll most likely last you all week long. Holler.

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