Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oreo Brownie Cookies

This post goes out to my good pal Gary Gulman.  He's not really my good pal, he's a moderately famous comedian, but I like to think he is because he knew who I was at one of his shows once.  It was a pretty amazing moment that I'm not letting go of anytime soon.  I do weird things like bake for him and invite him to my New Years Eve party.  You should all watch his Comedy Central special tonight at 10pm because he's hilarious.

I made these Oreo brownie cookies because he has jokes about both of these food items.  Also I knew that this brownie roll out cookie recipe would be a great use for my puzzle cookie cutter that you have all been waiting to see.

Here is a photo of the giant ball of dough this recipe makes. 


Check out these babies all lined up ready to get into the oven. Too cute!


This recipe made a lot of cookies.


I busted out the second cooling rack and they still didn't fit.

These babies are delicious.  I bet they would taste great with a nice glass of milk. 

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