Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enchiladas Con Mole (with bonus dessert)

I have not cooked in a loooooooong time and I mean a looooooooong time.  So I rolled up my sleeves, acutally I was wearing a tank-top, regardless it was hot ok? If I had sleeves I would have rolled them up.  Anyway I had had a request for mas enchiladas por favor a few weeks back. At last I answered the people's calls. Enchiladas it is! This time with mole and queso fresco (so authentic) and chicken!

The filling consisted of: chicken, zucchini, corn, and queso fresco.

I slathered mole and some more queso fresco on top (this stuff is delicioso!)

MmmmMMm! Just wait until you see what I made for dessert!

I am sure everyone remembers the disaster of the homemade chipwiches of 2011.  I had said I wanted to make them with Archway Dutch cocoa cookies next time (and make them on a less sweltering day). Low and behold as I was in the supermarket today desperately trying to stick to the 4 items on my shopping list I saw the Stop & Shop version on sale.. for $1! How could I say no to that?

Of course I couldn't, so here they are! A not melty ridiculous mess, but slightly less indulgent chipwich.

Stay tuned I've got a show-stopper dessert coming up this weekend.

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