Monday, October 17, 2011

Latkes and Applesauce

Yea you read that title correctly, I made some latkes. AND I made applesauce to go along with it.

Let me just say a little something here, for anyone who knows about making latkes and applesauce, I did this on a weeknight.... a weeknight.  This meal is by no means a weeknight meal and I gave myself quite the stressful afternoon trying to get this meal in order on Thursday. You may be thinking ooooh KTC you got out of work at 330 that day let's not be so dramatic, but seriously the amount of pealing and chopping and grating that goes into this meal is intense.

So yea, I just need you to congratulate me on this feat of cookery.

On to the food!

I used a simple recipe I found on Food Network's website as a skeleton for my latkes seen here.  It's Bubbie's recipe so I trusted it.

Yes those are pretty gnarly colored potatoes, but as I said this meal took a while to prepare and potatoes will brown.

Check out my new Mickey Mouse spatula!

I made the applesauce on the stove-top instead of the slow-cooker this time, it came out just as good.

And now this news may delight or disappoint you, but this is probably the last of apple mania. Be on the look out for pumpkin mania soon.

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