Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pumpkin Bars

My original title for these bars was far to long to make it into a headline: oatmeal pumpkin peanut butter chocolate chip bars. Now come on, I know that has you drooling.

I used this recipe and added in the chocolate chips on my own accord.  It's vegan and gluten free which makes this post super trendy.  I already have thick dark-rimmed glasses on; should I also put a plaid scarf on while I type this?

I also busted out my super cool, Alton Brown measuring cup! I am a serious official baker.

I was very unsure how to know if these were done cooking, but since there was no egg or flour or oil involved it didn't really need to be "cooked."  It really just kind of sets up and stays super-moist.

Yeaaaaa daylight photographs rule!

I will say I feel the chocolate chip addition really kicked these babies up a few notches. So tasty and possibly good for you too?


  1. Oh so glad you made them!

    Right around the time I made them in the fall, I had posted and made so many things with choc chips in them, so I kept mine without on the blog but made another batch and added good!

    thanks for blogging about them and for linking back :)