Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peanut Butter Honey Muffins

Ok, let's just get something straight right off the bat.  These were not good.  They tasted quite heavily of baking powder.  As I was mixing the batter, I thought to myself this is a shit ton of baking powder...,  but sadly I dutifully followed the recipe.

For your entertainment though, I took a ton of amazing photographs of these not very tasty muffins. Enjoy the food porn!

Ingredients line up.  Check out those adorable cupcake liners I got.

I was given these super-cute measuring spoons from Anthropologie as a thank you from work. I was very excited to scoop mounds of baking powder into these muffins.

The lighting is gorgeous, the liner is pretty, the muffins tasted icky.

Ooooo my artsy muffin pictures came out way better than they tasted.

Note: I have checked the blog I got this recipe from here and somehow that has the proper proportions of baking powder as opposed to the page I had starred on my Google Reader.  That being said these will probably taste awesome if you follow the recipe I just linked.  I'll have to give these another go.

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