Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brown Sugar Toffee Bars

I'm finally getting an opportunity to bake again now that the power's back on! Woooohooo! Sadly I missed 3 co-workers birthdays and one co-worker farewell.  I will definitely have to make it up to them somehow..... But until then I give you brown sugar toffee bars!

The recipe can be found at cookies and cups.  In a rare moment I followed the recipe exactly. Crazy times.

Action shot of the toffee bits add-in.

Booooo for winter and daylight savings time making things all dark so early in the kitchen.

I brought these to a party and they were a huge hit.  They disappeared in about 5 minutes.  To be quite honest with you, I myself was not particularly dazzled by them.  This is most likely because I needed this to be about five times more disgusting, i.e. chocolate, peanut butter, and and Oreo on top.


  1. in less than 2 weeks you missed 3 birthdays and a farewell? shenanigans.