Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New York City Walkabout

Sorry I haven't cooked anything in a while, I promise the second half of my vacation will be spent in front of the stove.

Here's what I have been up to...

On Tuesday I went on an incredible adventure around New York City.  We started down in Battery Park.


After a depressing stroll over to the World Trade Center site, we took a serious walk, 2 miles, to The Meatball Shop.  I got a spicy pork hero with pesto sauce.


 Chris got 3 sliders: classic with tomato sauce, pork with mushroom, and jerk chicken with pesto.  We were both very pleased with our choices.  I highly recommend this joint. Hop to it.


Next we headed over to the Highline which is a lovely park/walkway made from old elevated railroad tracks.  If you haven't been, I recommend it.  It was my favorite part of this adventure.


We hopped off the Highline at 23rd street where we stumbled upon the Doughnut Plant. I got a coconut cream which was unbelievably delicious.  Chris got banana pecan which I refused to taste despite his comment that you really can't taste the banana in it.


Our final foodie stop was Eataly.  Here you can purchase mushrooms for $250 a pound, pig shaped cheese, and balsamic vinegar that is so expensive they keep it locked behind glass.  I'd love to check out their roof-top bar some day.


All in all we walked from Battery Park to 53rd Street which is about 10 miles.  When we got home I was exhausted, full, and definitely had no desire to cook a damn thing.

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