Sunday, April 14, 2013

Homemade Gnocchi with Preserved Lemons and Chicken

I'm sure that title makes you think two things:

1. Homemade gnocchi? KTC first it's homemade mozzarella, now gnocchi! You are simply amazing.

2. Preserved lemons? What the heck are those?


The preserved lemons were given to us as a Christmas gift.  This is a recipe for how they are made, but you can purchase them at some swanky food store, I'm sure.  They are pretty much just pickled lemons.  And I will tell you they are quite delicious.

First let's get into the creation of the gnocchi.  We baked the potatoes, well microwaved them because we were impatient.  Then we peeled them and grated them with cheese grater.  The grated potatoes get mixed with egg, flour, and salt.


Then you roll it out into logs, cut into 1 inch pieces, and roll over a fork to give it lines.


Ta, da! about 100 hand rolled gnocchi!


These babies cook up in about a minute or 2. We then added chicken that we sauteed with preserved lemons, olive oil, and a myriad of seasonings.


And that was my amazing Saturday night.  Holler.

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