Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pizza Braid

I came across this idea during one of my pinterest binges.  The aesthetic qualities of the pizza braid looked amazing and I had to have it.

First you have your mommy stretch out the dough because its a tough job and I haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

Then you place all the toppings along the center and cut strips on both ends.  At this point you start whining to your boyfriend who you are talking on the phone with.  You complain that it's too hard and want to give up, but don't because it's actually working out just fine.

I filled mine with tomato sauce, broccoli rabe, mozzarella, and fontina cheese. I put some Lawry's garlic salt and Italian seasonings on the top.

I only wish we had 2 pizza doughs because I could have eaten this whole thing myself!


  1. is there an x-rated/premium version of your website where, for the extra fee, i get to see a version of this dish with even more melty gourmet cheese and awesome toppings?

    this looks amazing.

  2. hah!! thanks! come up with some toppings combinations and lets make it happen.