Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gnocchi Soup

I'm just going to say straight up that I really outdid myself with this one. This soup was awesome. That being said this gnocchi soup recipe is an Olive Garden copycat recipe that can be found here.  Spoiler alert: although it's an Olive Garden recipe, it does not have Asiago cheese in it.

Changes I made: omitted the chicken, used whole milk, cooked the gnocchi in the soup, and chopped my carrots.

Here's the seasoning line-up.  Still peeing my pants over the fact that I have nutmeg on hand and I must say it  was really delicious in this soup.

This is the mirepoix. Yea that's right I used the term mirepoix. This is a classy blog now so go google that term so you can keep up.

Look at her boiling away!

I apologize, I wish soups were more attractive to photograph.

Ok, I won't gush any more about how good this was; make it for yourself and discover the magic.


  1. Looks phenomenal, soup photographs better thsn you think.I wish I knew French, meyerpoiks sound great!