Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Sunday was the perfect day for grilling, pasta salad, sangria, and deck-side dining.  Luckily, I was able to hit up all 3.

For the grill: I made this balsamic marinade with blue cheese (I used Italian seasonings instead of the herbs de provence)

Do not skip out on the blue cheese, it really takes this chicken to the next level.

For the pasta salad: roasted garlic olive and tomato pasta with ricotta yogurt sauce.  I was so excited to make my own roasted garlic. I will mention that it took almost twice as long as the recipe stated, but it was sooooo good in this salad. This recipe will definitely be made again and if I were you I would make it for your next out-door dining experience.

Here's my well balanced plate with my chicken all cheesed up.

For dessert: brownie bundt with coconut-cream cheese filling.  This dessert is super easy because it uses a boxed brownie mix.  I will note that this too took significantly longer than the recipe said it would.

And just to make our Mother's Day meal even more spectacular, baby birds hatched in our birdhouse! We watched the mom and dad fly back and forth all day long trying to feed these 3 hungry mouths. So cute!

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