Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beer Pretzel Peanut Brittle

I cannot wait to tell you the absolute disaster I had with this treat.

First, the recipe came from Guy Fieri.  Disclaimer:  it does require having some sort of kitchen thermometer since you are boiling sugar for candy.  I used my trusty digital oven thermometer.


I forgot to shove the sugar into this picture.  Also a key ingredient I did not include was the cooking spray.  As I dropped my brittle onto my wax paper I said out load "oh shit, I forgot to spray the paper."  My trusty kitchen over the shoulder observer said "I'm sure it'll be fine."  


The reality was no, it would not in fact be fine.  The wax paper stuck to the brittle like stink on a monkey. This is the sort of kitchen drama that would be on the teaser for some awful cooking reality tv show. 

How would I resolve this issue? I searched the web for ideas and decided to go with this one: place the brittle upside down on a silicone baking sheet and reheat in the oven.  When the brittle got nice and melty again, I peeled off the wax paper.  Now don't think that this shit just peeled right off because it didn't.  It probably would have been less time consuming to just make another batch.


In the end I was able to salvage plenty of the brittle and it really was a tasty treat.  Make it, but don't forget to grease the pan!!

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