Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dessert Pizza


I made this for my little cousin's 7th birthday.  She loves cooking, especially cooking pizza, so I tossed and turned one night until I came up with the very best dessert pizza.  I'm sure it's actually all over the internet, but I thought I was a genius when I came up with it.  So we'll continue to imagine it was all my idea, ok?

It begins with a chocolate chip cookie crust.  I took the easy route and used store bought cookie dough.  I baked mine up in a round pizza pan.


When the cookie was cooled, I spread raspberry jam all over.  I made it a point to leave some cookie dough showing for the crust of the pizza.


Then I, well actually my lovely assistant, used a cheese grater to grate up white chocolate for the "cheese."


I must say, I was really impressed with how this came out.  It certainly looked just like a pizza, oh and it was tasty.  Best part about it? With store-bought cookie dough this baby has just 3 ingredients! Success!

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