Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wendy's Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich Review


Mannnnnnnnnn Wendy's suckered me in again with their pretzel bun!  This time the sandwich is called pretzel pub chicken.  The website describes the sandwich as "a lightly breaded chicken breast topped with natural muenster cheese, honey mustard, and a warm cheddar sauce all atop a soft pretzel bun."  It also had red onion, tomatoes, and spring mix lettuce like their pretzel burger did.


All in all this sandwich was fairly disappointing.  I was definitely pleased with the pretzel bun much like last time, but the rest of the sandwich was boring.  Perhaps if they threw a spicy chicken breast on there it would have dazzled me.  They didn't give me a chicken choice at the register so I'm not sure what the official policy is.  But we all know that the Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is the winner of all fast food chicken sandwiches.


Overall, I wouldn't tell you to avoid the pretzel pub chicken sandwich and I wouldn't tell you to run out right now to get it.  If you do decide to head over to Wendy's to get yourself a pretzel pub chicken sandwich, have them throw the spicy chicken cutlet on there.  Then let me know how it was because I am dying to know. Thanks.

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