Friday, January 10, 2014

Experimenting with Mac and Cheese

So I saw this cheddar cheese soup at the supermarket and thought that it would be super cool to use it to make mac and cheese.  I was imagining that this was a delightful cheese sauce in a jar, since it is a condensed soup.

I also have a cold, so the siracha is here to add pizzazz as well as a decongestant.

I boiled the pasta as usual, drained it, then stirred in the cheese soup.

Now was this a super fast and easy 2 ingredient mac and cheese?  Yes.  Was it delicious? NO.  There was no flavor to speak of even with the siracha, salt, and pepper added.

Total disappointment.  I went back melted a piece of cheese into what was left in the pot, but alas it really made no difference.

My first night back in the kitchen in weeks was a flop.  Sorry guys, hopefully I'll be cooking more successful dishes soon enough.

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