Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So we wanted to make mole sauce. And we remembered we had a recipe. So I said hey Chris, send me the list of ingredients because I am going to the magical supermarket so I can purchase anything that might be hard to find.

Here is the list of ingredients:

3 mulato chiles (or three aditional ancho chiles)
2 ancho chiles
4 pasilla chiles
canned fire roasted tomatoes
1 oz mexican chocolate
10 pepercorns a clove
whole allspice berries
sesame seeds
a cinnamon stick
the blood of an eggplant
coriander seeds
2 thick slices of day old french bread, crusts removed properly torn into 1 inch by 1inch by 1 inch slices
8 mouse tears
chicken stock
1 slice unwaxed green bean pie
1 chicken
double blended peice of flan

*some ingredients may have been added for comedic value

Luckily, said magical supermarket sells mole in a jar, just add chicken stock and you are all set.

There she is, our saving grace.

 We shredded up the chicken and wrapped it in tortillas with some rice and cheese.


Terribly unattractive, but terribly good.  Makes me wonder if making homemade mole sauce would have been worth it.

The next morning...time for more chocolate! We made pancakes with Starbucks mocha powder, very classy and tasty stuff.

Chris asks "mind if I make a peanut butter swirl to go in them?" Did I mind?! Did he mind if I married him and had all his babies right then and there? Chocolate peanut butter pancakes!! Clearly, I was on board.

These were a fantastic way to start the day. And also a delightful way to end my 3 day weekend.

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