Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doughnut Crawl!

We set out on Saturday afternoon bright-eyed, eagerly awaiting our first doughnut.  The crawl started out at Doughnut Plant in the lower east side.  I got a peanut butter glazed blackberry jam doughnut.  Also consumed were a vanilla bean glazed doughnut and a mango cake donut.  I must say I was unbelievably pleased with my selection and this was my favorite doughnut of the day.

Next we traveled underwater to Dough in Clinton Hill.  We arrived after a small subway mishap about 45 minutes before the store was closing for the day.  We entered the shop and the only doughnuts on the shelf were 8 nutella doughnuts.  Our jaws dropped to the floor.  The only doughnuts left are the ones we are allergic to? What a terrible fate for the doughnut crawl! And then, the magical baker behind the counter informed us that we can have whatever doughnuts we wanted!

I chose a cheesecake doughnut with graham cracker crumbs, my companions got chocolate and earl grey and a passion fruit with cocoa nibs doughnuts.  These were warm and fresh and delicious.  Basically having a piece of cheesecake on top of my doughnut was a bit much, but it was crazy good so I'm not going to complain.

The final stop on our doughnut tour was Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the inside of this place because it was really cute and had an old-timey feel to it.  This was a great last stop on the tour because it had classic flavors that wouldn't make us burst at the seams.  I had a chocolate coconut.  The other doughnuts pictured are a cinnamon stick and a blueberry jelly powdered doughnut.

The doughnut crawl was a HUGE success and as if that wasn't enough I made two more incredible stops this very night.  The first, Barcade where I had some microbrews and played some old school video games.  I got a high score on Q'Bert and was pretty proud of myself.

The last stop of the evening was Motorino!!! I have been reading about this place for ages now and was so excited to finally have their pizza.  It did not disappoint.

We ordered the ramps pie, stracciatella, and brussel sprouts.  I left about 2 bites on my plate and I am wishing that I had those 2 bites right about now.

What an amazing day of food!  Hope you all had as awesome of a weekend as I did!

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