Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Night Dinner

Saturday was a lovely evening and I just had to eat my dinner outside so we did some barbecuing of hot dogs and hamburgers. We made a corn salad with olives, sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers, and a little Italian dressing to go alongside.

And now for the really awesome part. I have been searching (and so has Chris) high and low at every food selling establishment for this product we saw a commercial for. While in the greatest supermarket I've ever visited I finally found it! The next 48 hours was a think-tank filled with ideas for what to put inside this sheet of mozzarella. The decision: prosciutto and pesto. The result: amazing. So good I even decided to top my burger with one of the slices.

What will I roll up next? What do you want to roll up in some mozzarella?

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