Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Alyss!

Granola bars? For a birthday? Come on KTC you can do better than that.  But! But! They have peanut butter, and toasted almonds, and chocolate chips! Annnd they are practical and who doesn't love practical?  That in a nutshell was my conversation with myself over what to make Miss Alyss for her birthday.

Giada lent me this recipe for peanut butter granola bars.  Yep, 2 Giada recipes in 1 weekend.  I am sorry to say I did not prepare either of her dishes with any sort of cleavage.  I think they still came out well though.


Check out the fantastic packaging : )

Happy birthday Alyssa! I hope the curse is officially broken for good!


  1. i sat through 3 and a half minutes of cleavage and didn't even get to see the chocolate go on the pizza? this is an outrage!

  2. i know! i did the same thing and was sorely disappointed.