Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Brownies with Apple Butter

I made my own apple butter. Yea, I thought I'd wow you kids right off the bat. I made my own freaking apple butter.

I used this recipe from Sweet and Savory as a skeleton for my crock pot apple butter.  The changes I made were: no cloves, nutmeg instead, halfed the recipe.

Time elapsed: 0 hours.

Time elapsed: 5 hours.

After hour 5 the sugars and spices join the party.

Time elapsed: 12 hours. Done!  Sorry by the time it was done, the good kitchen lighting had disappeared.

On to the brownie portion!  Seriously above are the only ingredients.  No eggs, no oil, no water, just a can of pumpkin and a box of brownie mix.

I swirled the apple butter on top of the brownie batter once it was in the pan.

The result? Super moist brownies, and nutritious too!

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