Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Potato Cream Spaghetti With Crispy Kale

I know this recipe sounds faaaaaar too nutritious for this blog, but we'll let it slide just for this brief moment because it's delicious.

I found the recipe over at How Sweet Eats.  The only changes I made were: regular pasta (whole wheat... gimme a break), used a regular ol' onion, and whole milk.  So there it's already more fattening than she intended it to be.

In the background is the crispy kale.  I must say I never particularly enjoyed kale until this evening when I had it all crisped up with sesame oil. So tasty, I now understand the desire for a kale chip.  In the foreground is the sweet potato cream sauce.

Holy crap, I take some damn tasty looking food pictures sometimes.  I want to dive head first into my screen right now and gobble this bowl up.  

P.S.  Between you and me, I had about 5 bowls.

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  1. just made this for dinner- awesome!

  2. awesome! i'm ready to make it again it was so tasty