Sunday, February 17, 2013

Espresso Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

I used this recipe for espresso chocolate shortbread cookies from Smitten Kitchen.  This was my boyfriend's Valentine's Day treat, even if there was nothing very valentine-y about it.  Much to my surprise I found this awesome bag of Tollhouse chocolate chips that had red chips in the mix, voila instant Valentine's day charm!


Amazingly enough, I followed this recipe exactly.  Even down to the idea of rolling the dough out while it's in a Ziploc bag, which by the way is genius and you should all try it.


These came out awesome!  I sorted out some red chocolate chips and melted them to drizzle over the cookies and make them look more festive.


Then I did this fantastically cheesy and badly lit photo shoot with some roses I got from a student.


Oh and in case you wanted to know how awesome my boyfriend is, he gave me a batch of homemade rainbow cookies! I am beside myself getting to bring home the massive tray of these and have half a mind to hide them under my bed so that no one else can sneak one.


Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day filled with delicious treats!

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