Monday, February 11, 2013

Loaded Baked Potato Soup


Friday we got a pretty serious snow storm.  So serious that even though we opened school for half a day, only 1 kid showed up in my class.  I got a nice early start on dinner because of said snow storm early dismissal.  That meant, Crock Pot time!


I though this dreary winter storm day required a nice warm bowl of soup so I chose this recipe for baked potato soup.  I didn't use cream of chicken soup because I didn't have any.  Instead I threw in some milk, butter, and flour to make it creamy.  I also didn't have the frozen shredded potatoes, so I shredded my own potatoes.


I added some grated some cheddar cheese and scallions to the finished soup, some bacon crumbles would have been spectacular.


More snow might be on the way, so get yourself some baked potato soup.

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