Thursday, February 14, 2013

General Tso's Tofu


Even since I ate some General Tso's tofu at Kashiwa a few months back, I have been longing to eat it again.  Found some General Tso's sauce at Trader Joe's (well my brother did) and decided to give it a go myself.


I used this recipe for crispy fried tofu, patted some corn starch to the tofu slices to add an extra crispy-ness when I stared frying.


I poured the sauce on the tofu slices when they were plated so the tofu kept its crispy exterior.


I served this up with some green beans and baby corn, I felt compelled to douse these with General Tso's sauce as well.  Of course, rice was also a part of the meal.

I was really amazed by how crispy the tofu gets, it was really quite delicious.  Not anywhere near as delicious as what I was served at Kashiwa, but still a tasty dinner.


Yes, I have found a way to make tofu unhealthy.  Success!


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