Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mashed Potato Pizza


You might be thinking this is some bizarro food that I created on a whim, but you would be wrong.  I have been hearing about a glorious mashed potato pizza in New Haven for ages now.  Seeing that I never had the chance to eat said pizza, I decided it was time to create my own.


The mashed potatoes were made with garlic, butter, milk, sour cream, and fresh parsley.  I topped the potatoes with marbled sharp cheddar cheese.


I was pleased to notice the sun staying out longer, making for more pleasant dinner photos.  Sadly, by the time the pizza was finished cooking the lighting was not as perfect.


This pizza was a huge success!  Next time I will definitely put some bacon atop the potatoes...there will certainly be a next time.


  1. TRULY one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my whole life!! I will definitely have to give this a whirl!

  2. thanks! i promise you won't be sorry!!