Monday, September 23, 2013

Mozzarella Cheez-Its

I'm continuing my product reviews because it gives me a excuse to buy new stuff at the supermarket and not feel like they tricked me into buying it.  It's for the blog! I have no choice! I must try new flavors!


Here we have mozzarella flavored Cheez-Its.  I love mozzarella cheese.  I love string cheese.  I could eat entire blocks of mozzarella cheese.  Sometimes I will even grab and fist full of the pre-shredded stuff, forgetting that its covered in flour and tastes terrible, disappointment ensues.

That being said I was very excited to see these on the shelf.  Cheez-its are always amazing.  I assumed flavoring them like mozzarella would be equally amazing, if not more so.


And then I ate them.  I tried so hard to detect some faint flavor of mozzarella.  I could not.  I had some more, and still nothing.  I even thought, not only do these barely taste like mozzarella, they taste like regular cheese its.

Desperately searching for mozzarella flavor, I took a gander at the ingredients list.



White cheddar cheese and cheddar cheese are higher on the ingredient list than mozzarella.

So now the mystery has been solved.

Cheez-Its are great and really so are these, just don't expect them to taste like mozzarella.

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