Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish

Goldfish recently started making all sorts of kooky flavors.  Not just EXTREME versions of their previous flavors, but sweet flavors as well.


When I saw these at the supermarket I thought... hmmm... if I can start reviewing new products on the blog I can buy all sorts of junk!  I've been following the blog Brand Eating which also got me wanting to eat tons of junk food, for a good cause of course.  And so it begins!


Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish are delicious, they just don't taste a damn thing like a cupcake.  It is, however, a lovely flavored graham cracker snack that I'd totally like to make into a crust for a tart or a cheesecake.  To buy, or not to buy? I'll say you will probably be happier with cheddar and not cupcake. Sorry Goldfish.

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